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We founded Climate & Capital to shed light on the idea that building a sustainable future is both a moral imperative and an economic opportunity with potentially exponential returns on investment.

Our mission is to identify and bring together a fast-growing community of like-minded individuals and companies who are at the crossroads of climate and capital. We invite you to join us not simply as a consumer of content but as a collaborator and contributor who is interested in conversations that can lead to concrete action in this transformational moment.

we hold these truths…

  1. We subscribe to no orthodoxies other than a concern that climate change threatens life as we know it, and that investment of vast amounts of capital has a moral obligation to create environmentally sustainable business models.

  2. We are creating a forum for productive, reality-based dialogue

  3. We presume the goodwill of all participating stakeholders.

  4. We are not activists - unless you believe the pursuit of truth is activism.

  5. We are not apologists – unless you believe that free-market capitalism has no role to play in the rescue of our planet.

  6. We believe in accountability. If a company or industry claims to be truly concerned about sustainability, we expect their actions to equal their rhetoric.

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on Impact

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Interest in Impact Investing Surges as Do Attempts to Define

FT reporter Owen Walker reports that the Global Impact Investing Network an industry body of more than 1,300 impact investors worldwide, now puts the size of the impact investing market at $502 billion.


World Bank’s Finance Arm Battles “Impact Washing” with New Standards

To battle so-called "impact washing", more than 60 asset managers and institutional investors have teamed up with the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation…

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And Another Definition of Impact Investing

Impact investing must be differentiated from ESG investing, argues FT contributor Wendy Abt, founder of WPA and a board director of Innovations for Poverty Action.

In my opinion, there is no solution to this other than an economic market based one... So imagine now if we look at this energy problem, which is essentially what the global warming problem is, how do you re-power the planet? Well, you come up with a way of developing this so that there are investable projects; that there are things that can be done tomorrow.
— Peter deMenocal, Dean of Science, founding director of the Center for Climate and Life, Columbia University


Where in the world are we seeing…

Extreme weather