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is an online news and commentary platform that brings together the best thinking and best practices on doing business in the era of climate change.

Maximizing shareholder value—historically the metric by which commercial success is measured—can no longer be thought of in a vacuum. Indeed the concept is rendered meaningless if its ultimate application exacerbates the already existential nature of our planet’s climate crisis.

There is a vast, vibrant, but underreported, conversation underway among entrepreneurs, climate scientists, investors, NGO’s, policymakers and leaders of corporate America who see the opportunity. A new way of thinking is emerging that refuses to wait for governments and politicians to act and instead is engaging the issue directly.

Much like the anti-apartheid movement in the 1980s, grassroots pressure for climate justice is beginning to make an impact on some business leaders who accept that climate change is a risk (and opportunity) and are taking public stands to make their industries more sustainable.

We do not plan to debate the existence of climate change, any more than we should debate the number of angels on the head of a pin. It is a distraction not worthy of our time.

We subscribe to no orthodoxies other than a concern that climate change threatens life as know it, and that investment of vast amounts of capital has a moral obligation to create truly sustainable business models. This is the intersection we will be covering.

We are not activists – unless you believe the pursuit of truth is activism.

We are not apologists – unless you believe that free-market capitalism has no role to play in the rescue of our planet.

We believe in accountability. If a company or industry claims to be truly concerned about sustainability, we expect their actions to equal their rhetoric.

Climate & Capital’s target readership includes enlightened, forward thinking C-level executives who are leading businesses and industries that have enormous impact on the crisis at hand. It is investors, large and small. It is policy makers and regulators seeking multilateral solutions to this global problem. It is entrepreneurs furiously dreaming up ways to make billions on the positive opportunities posed by climate change. It is the academics and students, who along with journalists will explore new and unheard of ways to combat climate destruction.

Hopefully all will find in Climate & Capital writing, reporting, thinking and opinions that understand the pressures and fears they deal with while at the same time presenting the best, most accurate research and information on climate science and its impact on the planet.

And we will we endeavor to inject a little humor from time to time into a very grave problem.


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Prior to Climate & Capital, Peter McKillop was a Managing Director at BlackRock, where he was responsible for leading the firm's strategic communications and messaging for its iShares ETF and Indexing business. He has also held senior communication leadership positions at J.P. Morgan, KKR, UBS, and Bank of America. Before entering the financial communications field, Peter was a senior correspondent and bureau chief for Newsweek in New York, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. 

Peter is President of Foundation Hirondelle USA, an NGO focused on supporting local journalism in conflict and post-conflict emerging nations. He is a board member of the Africa-American Institute, a leading U.S. organization dedicated to increasing educational opportunities for young Africans.  He is also a trustee at Eaglebrook School, in Deerfield, MA.

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Bill mcgarvey

Entrepreneur, award-winning writer, editor and artist, Bill McGarvey has written on art, culture, politics and religion and has been featured in/written for The Washington Post, NPR, BBC, the New York Times, Time Out New York, The Tablet (London), Commonweal, Factual (Spain) and Book. He co-authored The Freshman Survival Guide published by the Hachette Book Group USA that has sold over 130,000 copies to date and was featured on The Late Show with David Letterman. Each spring the book spends numerous weeks as Amazon’s #1 book in both the student life and college guide categories.

He is also the co-founder of MoneyLanguages.com, a psychometric assessment tool developed with consumer finance academics at the University of Wisconsin that enables financial advisors to understand how individual clients feel and behave regarding money. As a musician, songwriter, producer and filmmaker, he’s been recognized internationally for his creative work across multiple media formats. His music has been featured internationally in films, network television and radio, as well as the New York Times, Billboard, The New Yorker magazine and the Chicago Tribune among others.

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marcela shine

Marcela Shine is best-described as an execution-ready leader. Strong in strategy, her passion is in “ getting things done.” As a part of the  leadership team, she focuses on delivering against strategy. She executes while building a culture of cohesion, accountability, and engagement. 

Marcela has been in operations and product development for over twenty years. She started her career in the mutual fund industry and shifted into start-ups after spending time doing post-acquisition management at Reuters. Marcela has been a founder, angel investor and advisor to early-stage startups for more than a decade.