the vision

Maximizing shareholder value—historically the metric by which we measure commercial success—can no longer be thought of in a vacuum as our climate deteriorates on a daily basis. Indeed it is rendered meaningless as a concept if its ultimate application exacerbates the climate crisis.

Protecting the comfortable status quo is no longer an option. There is a growing recognition that the business practices that have lifted much of humanity out of poverty, now threaten our survival on that planet.

A new way of thinking

A new way of thinking is emerging that refuses to wait for governments and politicians to act and instead is engaging the issue directly.

Much like the anti-apartheid movement in the 1980s, grassroots pressure for climate  justice is beginning to make an impact on some business leaders who accept climate change is a risk (and opportunity) and are taking public stands to make their industries more sustainable.

We believe this movement is still in its infancy but its momentum will grow extraordinarily in the coming years and it will change the face of business and corporate governance. Unfortunately, much of that rhetoric that is currently used by companies is window dressing and has insufficient impact on the actual crisis at hand. This will have to change.

a new conversation

Climate & Capital is a news hub that will bring together the best thinking, and best practices on doing business in the era of climate change by taking a look at both climate science and business through the skeptical eyes of journalism.

We are not activists - unless you believe the pursuit of truth is activism.

We subscribe to no orthodoxies other than a concern that climate change threatens life as know it, and that investment of vast amounts of capital has a moral obligation to create truly sustainable business models.

Mother Earth will be here long after humans. What is threatened is how we have come to understand to co-exist on this earth.

We do not plan to debate the existence of climate change, any more than we should debate the number of angels on a head of a pin. It is a distraction not worthy of our time.

Our Audience

Climate & Capital’s readers are enlightened, forward thinking C-level executives who are leading businesses and industries that can have enormous impact on the crisis at hand. It is investors, large and small. It is policy makers and regulators seeking multilateral solutions to this global problem. It is entrepreneurs furiously dreaming up ways to make billions on the positive opportunities posed by climate change. It is the academics and students, who along with journalists will explore new and unheard of ways to combat climate destruction.

Hopefully all  will find in Climate & Capital writing, reporting, thinking and opinions that understand the pressures and fears they deal with while at the same time presenting the best, most accurate research and information on climate science and its impact on the planet.

And hopefully will not mind if we inject a little humor and fun into a very grave problem.